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Developer & Musician


An experiment in shared virtual space.

Imagine having the option to make any of your posts expire after 24 hours, so that any other (complying) server would hide and delete the post after that.

It should probably still be saved for a while on your home server, so you'd be able to save the good posts. And also, so that moderators can do their thing.


I want a where I can have:

* My identity and content stored on multiple servers in parallel.
* Optional channels, so people can choose which parts of my content they want to follow along with.
* Multiple profiles for the same identity, unrelated to channels.

In addition, both channels and profiles must have granular privacy options. Just the existence of a channel or profile is private information that I want to control who's allowed to see.


I wonder if I could use for : Gardening


I think I'll try to collect any blog posts I find with insight and clues to good programming with the hashtag

This is the first such collected blog post:



A tool I made while learning the basics of bass guitar, and have since expanded upon. It is an interactive diagram of where the notes, scales and chords are on guitars, ukulele and piano.

Rubiks Helper

A simple tool I made for a friend to help him solve the last face of a Rubik's Cube. The tool uses Singmaster notation.